Teach Jigs and Swigs


Borne out of a mission to empower instructors, the Jigs and Swigs™ Licensed Instructor Program provides the tools you need to host a successful dance fitness event in your desired market.


We share best practices to design, develop and implement your own Jigs & Swigs™ classes.  Join our community of instructors as we redefine the world of Irish dance fitness.

Licensed Instructor Cost:  $299 / Year

Affiliate Studio Cost:  $599 / Year

DISCLAIMER:  There is a 3-Step Registration Process which, once completed, instructors will gain access to all training/branding materials:  STEP 1: Fill out our instructor application.  STEP 2:  Once conditionally approved, review & agree to terms + conditions.  STEP 3:  Pay first year licensing fee.  Joining the licensed instructor program involves agreeing to all license terms and conditions.  Joining as an instructor in no way constitutes a financial arrangement and there is no guarantee of sales.  An instructor license is for one instructor only. A studio license allows for multiple instructors affiliated with one studio with access to one login to the portal. The license does not include use of music or music rights for classes, insurance or any other costs involved in setting up an event.  All licensing and set-up fees are final.  Licenses will auto-renew yearly.  In the event of terminating your partnership with Jigs & Swigs™, notice must be given 30 days via e-mail to jigsandswigs@gmail.com in advance of your annual renewal date.

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Teach on your own schedule

We'll share event best practices, you determine when and where to host them.  You're always in control of your schedule.

Get set up for success

We've made mistakes so you don't have to!  We provide you with valuable expertise and guidance on how to set up and make Jigs & Swigs™ in your city successful.

Official perks + more

Once licensed and actively presenting events, we'll add your city to the official Jigs & Swigs™ website.  You'll also be able to order official location-specific merch.

Keep all event revenue

We don't take any fees from classes you host.  Once licensed, you can present as many Jigs & Swigs™ classes as you'd like.

Build community

As a Jigs & Swigs™ licensed instructor, you'll have the potential to build a dance fitness community and cultivate partnerships with local businesses.

Exclusive use of branding

You'll gain access to all trademarked branding, logos and graphic elements to bring your own Jigs & Swigs™ events to life.


Amanda, J+S™ Milwaukee

“Jigs and Swigs has not only brought me closer to my community, but it inspires my love for Irish dancing as an adult. It’s honestly so much fun I don’t realize I’m breaking a sweat - thank goodness for that beer afterwards!!!”