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  • Do I need a TCRG to become a J+S® licensed instructor?
    Nope! Because this is an Irish dance inspired fitness class, having a TCRG is absolutely not necessary (but we of course welcome our fellow ID professionals!). In fact, you don't even have to have an Irish Dance background - as long as you are excited about presenting class and willing to learn, anyone can teach J+S®! Having said that, Instructors should be of drinking age (obvi!) if they are presenting classes in a brewery or distillery, and should be prepared to represent the Jigs & Swigs® brand via their own creative, fun classes! There is no organization affiliation for that same reason (i.e. there are no concerns related to being part of CLRG, CRN, WIDA, etc.). We are a fitness class, not a dance class, and within this model we have created a community of inclusivity and accessibility.
  • How do I become a J+S® Instructor?
    The first step is to join our online J+S® Instructor Training Program. This comprehensive program will guide participants through the J+S® class content through several detailed modules which include videos, short quizzes and other interactive activities. The training itself should take approximately one full day to complete but can be done at your own pace as long as the program is completed within 30 days of the selected start date. Once the training is complete, participants will be eligible to become a Taproom Member, a monthly membership ($25 / month) that enables instructors to teach class under the Jigs & Swigs® brand name. The Taproom Membership also provides step-by-step instructions and easy to use templates for managing all aspects of your class - from website hosting to approaching venues, setting up registration forms and collecting payment in addition to our full J+S® Media Kit with pre-made social media templates, marketing best practices and a network of other instructors ready to help and support you! Jigs & Swigs® Instructors have the potential to earn unlimited income on their own schedule.
  • Is insurance required to run a J+S® Class?
    As a best practice you should be insured, whether through yourself or a studio you are associated with. Similar to other fitness certifications, we do not provide insurance. We stick to what we do best - working out! - and since there's no one-size-fits-all solution for insurance coverage, we suggest you talk to your insurance provider about your specific needs.
  • Is there anything else I should know before I have some get started??
    Our program is simple and streamlined, so you can get sippin' and steppin' in no time! The J+S® Training Program + Taproom Membership provides you with everything you need to know from how to design your class to approaching breweries and all of our trademarked branding material. While we provide the knowledge, support and encouragement, all Instructors operate independently and are ultimately responsible for complying with their own local laws and regulations.
  • Do you provide instructor exclusivity arrangements?
    The nature of our program is such that we don’t have exclusive arrangements with Licensed Instructors. J+S® is based on inclusivity and community! We encourage collaboration and camaraderie between our Instructors! Having more qualified Instructors in your area means you can reach out to other Instructors to cover a class if you suddenly find yourself unavailable. It also means you could do a TEAM TEACH and work together to present a class! 🍻
  • What does a Jigs & Swigs® workout look like?
    The J+S® is an inclusive and accessible workout that combines cardio fitness with strength based exercises that are challenging and fun for both non dancers and dancers alike! You'll learn about the workout in-depth through our instructor training program.
  • What is the earning potential?
    This will vary by location and instructor. The program appeals to ambitious individuals who wish to run their own business without incurring the considerable overhead involved in starting up. Calculate your annual earning potential here. Even if you're not ready to start offering your own Jigs & Swigs® classes, our training program is a beneficial professional development tool for those involved in the fitness / dance industry, or for anyone curious in the world of Irish dance fitness.
  • What should I bring / wear to class?
    For class, students should bring: ▪️Athletic clothes you can move / sweat in! ▪️Sneakers / athletic shoes ▪️Water and a towel
  • Is there anything else I should know prior to signing up?
    Just be ready for a unique workout + social experience! We encourage students to stay after their class to make some new friends who also attended! For any other specific questions, please Reach out to your local Jigs & Swigs® location (through their specific event listing) with any additional questions.
  • Who teaches Jigs & Swigs® and where can I take it?
    There are licensed Jigs & Swigs® instructors and studios across the USA and Canada. See our location page to find your nearest class! Each location is presented by licensed instructors who produce their classes and operate independently under the Jigs & Swigs® brand.
  • I have an injury, are there modifications to the workout?
    Absolutely! ☘️ There are numerous ways to modify your workout to suit a specific injury or complication. Let your Instructor know if you need special accommodation! Having said that, if you are working through an injury, you should always consult your doctor prior to starting exercise.
  • I’ve never done Irish dance before, is this class suitable for me?
    Yes! Anyone can do J+S®! Jigs & Swigs® is an Irish dance-inspired workout, not a formal dance class, so there are no complicated steps or technique required! What you get instead is a fun, upbeat cardio workout that has elements of Irish Dance choreographed in a way that is accessible for dancers and non-dancers alike.
  • Do I have to be of drinking age to attend Jigs & Swigs®?
    This will depend on the specific venue / area you are in. Reach out to your local Jigs & Swigs® location (through their event listings) to clarify.
  • How much is class?
    Class fees vary by location and are determined by each independently operating instructor or studio. Most class fees include a beverage of choice at the end of your workout!


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